Avanity Collection is not responsible for any nail sets that do not properly fit. Due to the nature of the product, returns/exchanges are not eligible. Please take the steps to ensure you are getting the right fit 💕💕💕


By ordering a nail sizing kit you'll get the best measurement for your nails and physically see which nail size fits best on each finger. The perfect size will have a comfortable fit -- not too big, not small. If you feel the need to press the nail down to fit, it's most likely too small and will cause lifting or even pop all the way off! We don't want that to happen!

Or, we have provided pre-defined nail sizes for you to select from!

*Note: size order ranges from
thumb-index-middle-ring-pinky finger*

Another option if you don't have measuring tape is to use a flat ruler, regular tape, and a marker. Stretch the tape along your finger just like the graphic above shows, and mark the edges with a dot. Then place the tape amongst a ruler to determine size of your nail.