Shipping policy

The general timeline for majority of handcrafted (deluxe/essentials series) orders to process/create is up to 14 estimated business days due to our high volume of orders.

Processing time is also *separate* from shipping time.

How fast you receive your package AFTER processing will depend on the shipping option you select at checkout

You will be notified with a tracking number when ready to ship.

Ready To Ship nail sets, sizing kits, replacement nails, & extras will be processed usually within 1-3 business days

Any Ready To Ship nail sets, sizing kits, replacement nails, & extras ordered WITH handcrafted nail sets will follow the general maximum 14 business day processing time.

Please place separate orders to receive those sooner!

There is a possibility of process/shipping time to be extended due to COVID or holidays.

USPS and UPS are experiencing unprecedented delays due to current nationwide circumstances. We cannot guarantee USPS and UPS package delivery transit times at this moment. We apologize for the inconvenience.

As of July 12th 2020, we are shipping worldwide. 

The general timeline for majority of orders to process/create is between 5-14 business days.

You will be notified with a tracking number when ready to ship.

How fast you receive your order once we have shipped it out depends on the shipping fee you pay at checkout.

Again, creation/processing time is *SEPARATE* from shipping time.

(USA) - Average Timeframe

USPS First Class Package: 

2-5 Business Days

USPS Priority Shipping:

1-3 Business Days

Yes. Click here for more details

Once a package has been passed onto the carrier and the tracking number associated to the order has been updated, AVANITY COLLECTION hands over any and all accountability for shipping, transit and delivery. AVANITY COLLECTION does not claim responsibility for lost or missing packages and are not required to issue refunds or replacements on these orders.

If your order was marked as “delivered” missing, please check with your neighbors in case the package was delivered to the wrong address by mistake or contact your local post office.

Cancellation & Return policy

All press-on nail sets and products are final sale. Due to the nature of the products, returns, or exchanges cannot be accepted.

Cancellations are accepted ONLY within a 24 hour period -- After 24 hours, you are agreeing to proceed with the process of your order.

Also, cancellations on ready to ship nail sets, sizing kits, etc. are accepted within 24 hours if the order has NOT been prepared for shipment already.


We do not take requests for custom designs outside of what we offer on our website, and in each listing.

Minor adjustments to current styles (besides Ready To Ship nail sets) can be taken into consideration. For further questions please feel free to reach out to

Nail application & removal

By using the glue or double sided gel tabs in the nail prep kit, you'll soon be able to attain a salon nail look in just minutes! Nail prep kits are included in made-to-order nail sets (the ones that are not 'ready to ship').

1: Wash and dry your hands, as well as nails

2: Push back your cuticles with the wooden cuticle pusher included in your prep kit

3: Clip and/or file your natural nails down to perfectly align with your press-on nails 

4: Use the alcohol wipe included to dehydrate your nail beds. This part will help prevent any lifting!

5: Glue or stick nails on one by one (we recommend starting from pinky to thumb), pressing and holding for 15-30 seconds to ensure hold

6: Avoid water for the next hour, and enjoy your new set of nails!

Click for video tutorial:

Gel tabs: 1-2 days. These are ideal for temporary wear and special occasions. They make it very easy for you to switch up your nail look.

Nail glue: on average a timeframe of 2 weeks. Could be shorter or longer. Do not continue to wear nails that are lifting as it can become a source for bacteria to breed. Remove the lifting nails, then clean and dry before reapplying nails.

Note, nails with 3D designs such as rhinestones, etc. are delicate, so take extra care when wearing your nails!

Absolutely! That's one of the greatest benefits of press-on nails. 



Please handle this process gently and with care in order to preserve and protect both your natural nails and the press-on nails!

Gel tabs will be a bit easier to remove than nail glue, just a heads up!

Press-on nails can be removed by soaking hands in warm water for 15+ minutes, along with a mixture of some oils.

When you are no longer soaking your hands in warm water, by applying oil (such as vitamin E oil) around your finger nails, it will loosen the glue as well once the oil seeps in between the press-on and your real nail. Give this part of the process some time to loosen the glue.

Push off the nail by pressing the very front tip of the nail. Do not try to lift from other areas. This can cause damage to your natural nails. If you experience discomfort or pain, you might need to soak your nails for an extended amount of time. 

Once all the press-ons are removed, clean off the excess oils and glue. Then place them back into your Avanity Collection nail box to re-use later on! 💕